Who I Am


I love Jesus.  I am lost without His Word. I am married to a man who loves Jesus too.  He is a NASCAR chaplain we love the racing community.  We have three kids:  a princess diva 6 year old, an adopted Ugandan-American princess 5 year old, and a ballin, shot callin’ Jesus- lyrical-gangster 7 year old.  I am a stay at home mom who homeschools these crazy little kids.  We live in North Carolina about 6 miles away from the closest small town and we love it here! If I’m not at my kitchen sink talking to Jesus,  hanging out with my husband, homeschooling, training for my next triathlon, or chilling with my twin sister, I am writing bible studies or blogging.  I depend on God’s Word on a day to day basis for this beautiful, messy, hectic life!


I wrote #Refocused: Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus for the Year Ahead because:

I wanted to refocus on what God wants me to focus on.

I want to see the beauty of God’s Word come alive in a personal way in my notebook, and then in my heart and in my life.  It is a great way for women to #Refocus on what the Lord has called them to in this particular season in their life at any time, not just the New Year. so check it out!

Grab a cup of coffee and look around!


Contact info:  adterry13@hotmail.com

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