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Tasting Freedom From Social Media

It's the end of week 3 of BASKING- fully aware and reveling in the presence and goodness of God.  I've got some reflections from this semi-unplugged summer so far; as I have been intentionally staying  in the moment with Jesus and experiencing him more fully.  Let me start by saying, this has been something that… Continue reading Tasting Freedom From Social Media

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How Social Media is Affecting Your Relationship With God

She woke, rolled over and grabbed her iPhone. After she checked the time and rubbed her eyes, she let out a big sigh and thought about the busy day ahead.  Then, she clicked on the blue square with a lower case f.  She saw how many likes she had from what she had shared the… Continue reading How Social Media is Affecting Your Relationship With God

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Basking Devotional

Are you yearning for an unplugged summer?  Do you miss the days when you didn't scroll through a screen when you had a few free seconds? Maybe you haven't fallen into the trap of "default scrolling." Good job! I bet you are super annoyed when people around you have their eyes glued to their phones,… Continue reading Basking Devotional

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Basking in His Presence

When was the last time you got goose bumps from the realization of the steadfast presence of God in your midst? Was it lately? Or so long ago, you had to stop and think? Summer is my FAVORITE season.  June is my FAVORITE month.  I have so many amazing God moments that happened in the… Continue reading Basking in His Presence