Thankful Scripture Plan

It's November, ya'll!!! I can hardly believe it. However, the fact that my kids were asking for their Halloween candy for breakfast quickly confirmed, it's true. We will blink our eyes a few times, and it will be Thanksgiving day. Here's the thing, I want to really be thankful. I want to really give thanks… Continue reading Thankful Scripture Plan


October Bible Study: Proverbs

What if God visited you in a dream and told you to ask for anything you wanted? Would it be hard for you to pick just one need? Or do you have a huge miracle you are pleading with him to perform? King Solomon found himself in this very position, as recorded in 2 Chronicles… Continue reading October Bible Study: Proverbs

Bible Study

Meet Your Teacher, Mama

Summer is almost officially over. Ugh, as depressing as that sentence is for me to write, I am pressing forward and getting excited about pumpkin spice lattes and scarves and school.  I've always been a teacher: first to stuffed animals, then real human children, and now to my own human children as a homeschool mom.… Continue reading Meet Your Teacher, Mama


Dear Daughter, Don’t Let Social Media Define You

Daughter, put the phone down, and listen.  I’ve given you all you need right here.” She woke, rolled over and grabbed her iPhone. After she checked the time and rubbed her eyes, she let out a big sigh and thought about the busy day ahead.  Then, she clicked on the blue square with a lower case… Continue reading Dear Daughter, Don’t Let Social Media Define You


Dear Daughter, Keep on Praying

Last week I shared with you how our daughter’s persistent petitioning of her daddy and then praying to her Heavenly Father for a puppy paid off. This wasn’t the first time, though, that this strong willed girl (Lord, help me) wore out heaven with her requests.  While we were adopting our other daughter, Sharon, from… Continue reading Dear Daughter, Keep on Praying


Dear Daughter, Come share your heart with me

"Daddy, look at this puppy!" Every night, my daughter would crawl up in her daddy's lap, and talk to him about her biggest wish, the dream in her heart - getting a puppy. She would show him pictures of puppy after puppy on his phone. Like seriously, every night. For two years.  Never, not once,… Continue reading Dear Daughter, Come share your heart with me


Join our BLOOM Online Study!

Do you need to grow in your awareness of God's love for you? Could you use encouragement to entrust your worries to Jesus? Would accountability to read and meditate on God's Word daily be helpful to you? If so, THIS is for YOU! June 3rd- June 30th, I will be hosting a FREE online Bible… Continue reading Join our BLOOM Online Study!