Basking Devotional

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Are you yearning for an unplugged summer?  Do you miss the days when you didn’t scroll through a screen when you had a few free seconds?

Maybe you haven’t fallen into the trap of “default scrolling.” Good job! I bet you are super annoyed when people around you have their eyes glued to their phones, half paying attention to the conversation.

My daughter recently told me I ignore her. Ouch.  Me, ignoring you?!? I thought, “I homeschool you girlfriend, I am with you all the time.  And sweetie, you talk a lot! I am doing the best I can, but sometimes I get fried mommy brain.”  But I’m not doing the best I can.  I can do better.

I can’t help but wonder how God is thinking the same thing as we ignore his presence.  He’s always here with us.  But we are distracted.  We are half in conversation with Him, if in any conversation at all.  His glory is all around us, reminding us of his existence and his power.   He gave us amazing bodies with senses to experience him and his creation.  But are we looking for him? Are we listening to his voice?

In my post last week,  (below) I described my “basking” moment last summer when I was overcome with his presence.  Reflecting on this experience stirred a desire to pursue a greater awareness of God this summer, everyday.  And so I give you, below, a 5 week devotional to join me in this commitment to sign off and look up.

As you will see in the devotional, there are different options for signing off.  You may choose to stay connected for good reason, with time limits, etc.  This is what I will be doing to post about the study.  But default scrolling–>see ya later!

I’ll be posting on Instagram Facebook, and Twitter Monday-Friday and blogging here at least once a week.

Help me spread the word this week!  Next Sunday right here, I will post about SEEING the goodness of God as the start the study MONDAY MAY 30th!

Click below to download FREE summer devotional >>>

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