Refocused Launch Team

Hi Ladies!

Thank you so much for your treasured support of this ministry. I truly appreciate the way you are considering helping to spread the word about this material.

Here is how it will work: below is the link for the first 2 days of the study, and the discussion questions for the first week so that you can get a feel for the material. Please download it and share with your friends who may be interested! Decide if it is a study you would like to be a part of, and if so, please accept to be on my launch team!

The most powerful time of the year to do this study is New Years. I lead a group of over 300 women online through this material as I wrote it week by week last year! It was so powerful, and I have spent the last year getting it ready to publish. I decided to self publish for now, and and here we are!

Once you have decided to be a part of the launch team, I ask these things of you:

1. Share my social media posts now through New Year’s Eve. (I’ll post them here and you can repost them).

2. Share two original posts (your own words) or pictures of the coloring pages you colored) on social media.

3. If you decided to do the study in a group, I will give you a link to purchase it for half price. ($8) – the married with children edition. Others editions will be cheaper.

4. If you blog, I will pass along the full first week’s material for you to complete and spread the word through a blogpost!

That’s all I have so far, ladies! My first shipment of books is on the way to me. Look at the material and let me know if you are interested. I have created a Facebook group launch team, and I will add you if so! Comment below if you’re in!



Thank you!