#Refocused Walk Through


Ladies! I woke up today so excited so many of you wanted to join us in studying God’s Word through #Refocused! I was tempted to run straight to my phone/computer to add and friend all of you. BUT I wrote this study for a reason. I wanted to LIVE by God’s priorities for my life, not my own. So I spent my first few moments thanking him in prayer and focusing in on Matthew 6:33 for the day:

“Seek Him first, and His righteousness, and everything will be given to you as well.” (My favorite verse).

Then I tried to live out the model he’s given of Him, then my husband, then my children and home, then this bible study! So I finally got around to adding more of you after lunch. I just made this video explaining the first day of study which starts on New Year’s Eve. I will be posting everyday, usually VERY EARLY in the morning. Everyday means ever day of study. So that’s New Years EVE and NEW Year’s Day, then every Monday-Saturday in January. On Saturdays I will be adding the file for the week ahead. I’ll post tomorrow about setting yourself up for success to complete this study! But for now, I’m off to #refocus on my children playing their new Christmas toys. 🙂  Enjoy your evening everyone!

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