#Refocused on Who God Made Me to Be Day 2 



Today we focus in on Psalm 139:14. It is powerful to remember that God made each of us “fearfully and wonderfully.” 

Does your soul really know this truth very well?  

Take time today to be still & know the unique characteristics Your Maker’s hand designed you with. Write them down. Own them confidently. They are not by mistake. Even your weaknesses were planned by him to keep you closely dependent on his grace, and for His power to be displayed through them.

You are a vessel for God’s love to be poured through this beautiful creation that you are. For the sake of #Refocus draw your “blessing table”- which is your home base mission field. My kids had fun coloring their little teacups afterwards & we talked about how they are all uniquely created fearfully & wonderfully by God. Get your kids involved in this one, they will love it. We had to do ours in the car while we waited for our Chinese food.  I praise God because He created the perfect time to include them, I had put my phone away & prayed to focus in on my little blessing table. We had some sweet moments.
 Please show me some pics of how they turn out! Praying for you ladies! You are beautiful vessels of His love.

You were MADE for whatever plans He has for you this year!

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