#Refocused on Parenting Day 1



This is a good way to remember to enjoy and engage with the children God gave us as our best gifts from Him!

I think about mothers in the bible and how it must have been easier to treasure their children “back in the day.”  The pace of life was slower.  There were no cars, no computers, no smart phones!  Let’s commit to letting nothing get in the way from being fully present in our children’s lives.  Listen to them intently.  Play with them.  Read to them.  HAVE FUN WITH THEM!

The Lord is going to be watching and loving seeing us enjoy the most precious gifts He has given us!

Let’s commit to making this a reality this year.  Everyday we will be pulling back a layer of the wrapping paper from these incredible gifts from God  as we watch our children mature and grow.

We read about Hannah’s desire for a son today, and engaged in her story from 1 Samuel 1.  She knew that once he was weaned (which was much later than 12 months old back then) that she would fulfill her vow and take him to the temple, as she had promised.  I am sure that she treasured her sweet boy as she saw the day quickly approaching.

Let us learn from her story.  Let us remember it was the Lord who gave us these precious gifts.  Pray and ask Him today and everyday to enjoy them and praise Him for them.

Another Challenge: Think about (meditate) on this verse today:
“Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.” Psalm 127:3

If you are behind in the study, didn’t get it printed out, don’t have time:
I have good news for you: Thinking and praying about God’s word can be very powerful. Simply do this if nothing else! I want to encourage you to be on the “do what you can plan.” A little of God’s Word is better than none at all!

BUT the activities in the study guide today are personal and fun! Write out this verse and personalize it.  My daughter picked out the colors and pattern of her present and loved it!

I’m going to sign off and be “PRESENT with my PRESENTS” until tonight! Thanking God for these most precious gifts!  Praying you will do the same!

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