#Refocused on Home Day 1




I love all the rocks in this picture.  They lay on top of the concrete foundation of the house I had the honor to help construct a few weeks ago in Jamaica.  Like I wrote about in the study guide, the foundation had been laid before we started our work. This picture was taken after we framed the house.  We wrote scripture under what would hold up her flooring.  She is LITERALLY walking around on her firm foundation of Christ’s Word now in her new home!  THIS thought makes me want to do cartwheels!

Not only is this woman walking on his Word, she is walking IN his Word.  The lady who received this home is a daughter of God.  When we handed her the keys, we gathered around inside her home, and God released a flood of his Spirit through her as she blessed us with her heartfelt thanks and a charge to continue to love others with the love of Christ.  It was amazing!  It was a sacred moment that could only be captured in the hearts of those standing upon those freshly cut and hammered boards.  She laid her foundation that day for serving the Lord in the home she had been given.  We prayed over her and this shelter the Lord had so richly blessed her with.  We prayed for the physical elements of wind and rain that would no doubt be brought in by the Caribbean Sea that sets a beautiful backdrop outside her window.

Today I asked you to examine what your foundation was.  To revisit the reasons you work so hard in your homes for your families.  It is so easy to forget the solid Rock of Christ that we stand on as believers.

I urge all of us to ask Jesus daily to refine our purpose for all this work it takes to make a house a home.  To throw off the reasons that will leave us frustrated and tired.  It’s not for our pride, for measuring up to others, for approval of our husbands, or for our obsessive compulsiveness that we are to tend to these temporary shelters.

It’s for Jesus.

It’s for his glory.

It’s through his Spirit, pouring out of us.

It’s going to bless our families.

I’m praying we will be WISE women who build their homes,

not foolish ones who tear them down, unsatisfied because we’ve built our homes on sand.


 As your feet walk around your homes working today, remember the foundation of Christ they tred upon! Put his word into practice and your homes will stand firm. ❤️

**Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about an upcoming bible study for the month of February!**


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