Fun Tips for Spring Cleaning with Kids

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 This crazy picture is my life. My kids are at a fun age, and this is how we roll. My daughter, Arabella is wearing a strainer on her head as she posing for a pic in the middle of her daily chore, unloading the dishes. If you look behind her, you can see her “castle” made out of the clean dishes.  She is not tall enough or skilled enough to reach the cabinets yet, so she is supposed to just set the dishes underneath the cabinets they go in.

I heard her saying, mom, can I make a castle out of the dishes instead?  I really wanted to say, “No, just put them underneath where they are supposed to go! But I just couldn’t. Her little voice sounded so cute, and I know the days of building castles of any kind will be gone in no time.  So I gave in.  And I enjoyed watching every second of her castle building!

As we journey through “Spring Cleaning for Your Heart and Home” together, I want to encourage us to Spring clean the way Jesus would.  One thing Jesus was adamant about was including children in his ministry.   It would be so much easier to turn the disney channel on and sit them in front of the t.v. for the majority of this journey, or to lock the doors of the house and make them stay outside! Below are some alternatives to those two last resorts.

Cleaning out closets/drawers:

Dress up/Fashion shows

Clothes basketball:  shoot the clothes in the basket

Peek a boo with young children

Cover kids in a pile of clothes

Conquer the clothes mountain (climb on top of the pile)


Kids go outside, and you clean inside of windows, They go outside and pick which window you are cleaning and see if they get it right!

You clean outside windows while you they hide and you seek.


Everyone gets a bucket and scrubs their section.  When you are done, you go outside and toss the soapy water at each other.


Sing “This Little Light of Mine” with them.  If they are old enough to help, have them cover up the light with the rag while they sing “hide it under a bushel”  and then uncover it when they sing “shine.”

For older kids, talk about how we can be the light of the world to those around us.


Make up “knock knock” jokes together.


Turn some fun music on and dance while you clean.

Set a timer and see how much you can get done with your kids in 15 minutes!

I hope these ideas help you look forward to spring cleaning with your kids.  The idea is to include them and make it fun.  This doesn’t mean they can or need to help you every second of your spring cleaning journey.

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