Spring Cleaning


“Restore to me the joy of your salvation,
and make me willing to obey you.” Psalm 51:12

It is May 1st!  Our month of April Spring Cleaning here at Refocused Bible Study has come to a close.  And guess what?  Me, your fierce leader has fallen short.  I still have not cleaned out under my couch, I missed scrubbing a few walls, and well, my house is still not immaculate like I was hoping it would be. I have made so much progress though, praise Jesus!  And I hope you have too!

 But…my heart is feeling very restored because I have chosen to do one thing, something I try to do daily:

FOCUS not on what I haven’t accomplished, but on what GOD has accomplished through me.  I depend on him, so when everything doesn’t get done, I can trust it wasn’t the most important good work that He had for me to do that day.

Sister friend, I encourage you to do the same thing:  when you get discouraged and think you are failing, look instead at what you have accomplished, and give God all the credit for it.  Seriously, I do this by like 10:00am everyday.  I try to think heart level, like things that will matter 10 years and 10,000 years from now in eternity. The dishes may be starting to pile up in the sink, but we may have had traded the chore for reading the Word together as a family.

I am going to keep on finishing the few spring cleaning projects that I didn’t get around to, as I pray the scriptures from the bible study. But the RESTORATION has already come!  Our  home is RESTORED because its inhabitants belong to Jesus.  I pray we are willing to obey the Lord with caring for our homes with diligence out of love through the power of his Holy Spirit.

Thank you for joining me on this journey to a clean heart and a clean home!


I don’t have a new study or bible reading/write it out plan for the month of May.  And I don’t have one on purpose.  Out of obedience to what the Lord has called and confirmed me to do, I am going to to focus solely  on editing, revising, and working with a publisher on my first bible study that I wrote for a fresh start for theNew Year,

Refocused, fixing our eyes on Jesus for the year ahead 

except now it’s

Refocused, fixing our eyes on Jesus for a fresh start!

Right here, every Sunday night, I will be encouraging you to do what the Psalms call SELAH,  to pause and reflect before the start of a new week.

To reflect on what God is doing in your life,

To REFOCUS on your relationship with God,

To REFOCUS  on your marriage,

To REFOCUS on your parenting,

To REFOCUS on your home

for the week ahead.

I have a handy dandy template available to download FREE right here to help:

CLICK HERE >>>—Sunday REFOCUS plan!—–<<<

Pray and set goals for the week ahead that will make your most abundant garden that bears fruit through your life be your garden at HOME!

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I’ll see you right here next Sunday to REFOCUS  on what’s really important.  ❤

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