Feeling Close to Jesus


I was talking to a friend yesterday who is about to embark on a journey that will require a lot of faith and courage.  She is about to travel to China to bring  the little boy that they are adopting home.  She will have to go without her husband and her three biological kiddos. She asked me to help her prepare spiritually for this journey, because I have been on a similar one.

This week two years ago, my daughter Sharon and I returned home from Uganda after a three month stay in country to finish her adoption process. After one month, my husband and two biological kids came home, while I stayed there for 2 months chasing paperwork.  If ever I needed to feel close to Jesus, to know he was there, all up in every detail, it was during those three months.  So I know what my sweet friend is going through.  She just wants to know He’s there.  She wants to feel very connected to Jesus before she steps on that plane to go across the world to a foreign land to meet her son without the comfort of her husband and family.

I went to my pile of prayer journals and found the one that I was using when we left for our journey to Africa.  I was reading through the bible chronologically when we left, and I was feeling so connected to Jesus.  Everyday leading up to our departure, he equipped me. ( He is faithful like that).  I wrote down verses from the reading each day, highlighted them, and used them as the base for my prayers of uncertainty for what was about to happen.  I seriously felt so full of faith and courage when we stepped on the plane to go to Africa.

Not because I am super courageous, but because his word his super powerful.  

When you combine his word with prayer, something happens kind of like spiritual dynamite.  You should try it.  Let one verse be the start of your prayer and let the Holy Spirit guide you from there.

I did this yesterday when I was having a moment.  (You know what kind of moment I’m talking about.)  The kind where you just want to lay down in bed and have a Netflix marathon and give up on your to do list.  Thankfully, God whispered the Basking verse of the day to me.

“for she thought, “If I could just TOUCH his robe, I will be healed.” Matthew 9:21-Reach out for me. If she had faith to reach out to me to be healed of her 12 year long sickness, you should have faith to reach for me to choose what is better today.  

So I did.  I reached out.  I put on my running shoes and went and found him in the solitude of a run on the trails.  Of course I found him!  He wants to be found.  He promises to always be there.  All we have to do is have faith enough to REACH.  Like the woman who just knew if she touched his robe, she would be healed.  We have to believe he is our source of hope.  Hope for everything, from physical healing, to faith for a journey across the world, to  energy to serve our families in the daily mundane.That’s what I have for this week.  Reach out for him friends, bask in his presence and goodness.

A pic from my “reach out” run yesterday. Do you see the deer?

Download the free summer Basking devotional here: Basking



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