A Beautiful Blossoming 

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Back to School Prayer Guide 

A month from today, our school year starts and this long exhale of summer will be over. I have mixed emotions about this. I’m going to miss the slow paced, carefree days when the only few things I make sure the kids do are brush their teeth and put on sunscreen.

But alas, fall is coming, and it’s time to get intentional once again. I realized I needed to to reflect and refocus for fall  when we were at my mom’s this weekend and my kids were being loud, slamming doors, not saying please and thank you…you get it, right? I starting questioning my parenting skills until I went on a run by myself and had a one on one with Jesus.

As I ran beneath the beautiful Spanish moss-hanging trees of Charleston, I realized I was focused on all the wrong things that lead a mom down a road of despair and darkness. I was focused on my kids’ sins and not on God’s mercy, his forgiveness, and his power. Hope is lost when we focus on sin. Life is found when we fix our eyes on Jesus. God reminded me to see my child as He sees them.

A child of God.

The Lord reminded me to see past the moment. To call my child up instead of calling them out. To remind them of their position in Christ.

Redeemed for his glory and good works.

I came back from my run feeling equipped and hopeful for the road ahead in motherhood. I had a blueprint in mind from his Word to get prepared in prayer. To kneel down low and pray to the One who was there when my child’s heart first began to flutter. The One who knit her together in the womb, fearfully and wonderfully. He knows what she needs, and He will faithfully guide this mama and any mama who asks Him. He’s just that good! 🙂

I created this prayer guide to help us kneel down low for each of our children as they embark on this school year. Whether you homeschool like us, public school, or private school — it’s for you. From ages preschool on up.

When we finally made it home from our six hour car ride this weekend, I was surprised that the flowers on my front porch withstood the blistering sun the three days we were away. But I noticed that the soil was not dry. I had been sure to douse them with plenty of water before I left. I was intentional about their growth. And guess what? – A bud I had been watching had opened up into this little blossom:

Mamas- take this analogy with you! Pray, water, cultivate, tend, and wait for a beautiful blossoming in the months to come!!! Beauty within our children is sure to continue to emerge and bring their Creator glory. Thank you Jesus.

Download the Free Back to School Prayer Guide by clicking this pic:

Spread the hope!  If the prayer guide inspires you share it for other mamas:  ❤

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