The Bible as a Textbook: The Greatest Story Ever

Bible Study

When I was in college, I took a class called “Literary Study of the Bible.” The entire semester we studied Proverbs, Psalms, and Eccelesiates for their literature quality alone. I have to admit, it was amazing. Inside the books of the bible you will find the most exciting stories, deepest metaphors, and most heartfelt letters that  have ever been composed. Each of the 66 books can stand alone as stories that seem larger than life…Because they are. 

The One who breathed the breath of life into Adam breathed every word written in scripture through the hand of a willing servant who penned it to paper, or scrolls :). This is the only explanation how all 66 books of the bible fit together in harmony. All the stories found in it tell a much bigger story, one whose main character is whispered throughout, sometimes so subtly that a reader can barely hear it spoken. But the more you read it, the louder his voice becomes.

“All Scripture is God-breathed…”

 2 Timothy  3:16

Maybe it’s because I am obsessed with good, timeless literature right now because I’m in the throngs of homeschooling my elementary-aged children, but for whatever reason, I can’t quit thinking about the Word of God as one long story; the story of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation.

This is the level my daughters are at of understanding the bible. I want them to see the beauty of His Word fully from beginning to end. {I’m reading “The Jesus Story Book Bible” to them now and it is such a good fit for this}. This is where I would encourage anyone to start:

Read the bible from cover to cover. (or chronologically) if you never have before. This first time I did this, it revolutionized my understanding of The Word. I printed off a chronological reading plan from the Internet, and simply read. I didn’t always understand what in the world was going on, and sometimes I skipped over weird names, but I kept going. It took me almost two years instead of one, but I finished. And afterwards, I sat back and thought, I get it now. This happened and then this happened and then that happened. 

The cross happened

All of it leads to the cross and then looks back at the cross. Jesus was always going to die for us and after he did, everything else would look back at a love so great that it would sacrifically, voluntarily and undeservedly die for the people he created. All the wayward sinners leading up to this point would cry out for a need to be cleansed by his blood.  Everything else would look back at a power so strong, it overcame death and returned to life.

As I read it, I realized it was the best story ever told, but that it was also

more than just a story. 

In post 3, I’ll be sharing how as I read it, it changed my life even before I had a great understanding of the story from start to finish. It will change your heart, your perspective ,  your days, and your life–even before you have a great grasp of its entirety. So grab a cup of your favorite, consult with your teacher {The Holy Spirit} and dig in to the greatest true story ever. ❤

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