Holiday To-Do Anxieties Squashed by Christ’s Generosity


Does anyone else get anxious with all the stuff we are expected to do during the holidays?  Here is a word I received from the Lord that moved me from anxious to freely generous.

Listen to the audio devotion HERE:

The Generosity of Christ

This led me to a challenge to trust in the Lord for my needs and desires. So that I can look around and open handedly give when it is asked of me.  Not in grand ways, but in small needs.  And to actively pray and watch for him to provide.  And ya’ll He has blown me away at gifts of provision for not just needs but desires, wants.

Take the #generosityofChrist challenge.  It means anytime a need is brought in front of you, give.  Give what you have.  Every time the cashier asks if you want to donate a dollar, say yes.  When you are approached in a parking lot for gas money, give.  When you pass the red Salvation Army kettle, give.  Give, give, give.  And watch the Lord open your eyes to His generous heart.  Jesus is the author of generosity.  We will experience Him as we let His love flow freely through us!

When we take our eyes and minds off our to do list and put them on Him, He will be faithful.   He will be faithful to provide and faithful to let us be his vessels of provision for others.  This is true freedom from holiday anxiety friends.  He came to bring peace to our hearts. He has already given us the greatest gift- our salvation.  He can surely help us not get caught up in stress of giving earthly gifts to one another.

So breathe, make the  to-do list, and ask Jesus to keep your eyes fixed on Him as you work through it.  Be generous as He reveals needs, and watch him meet yours as well.  He is good!

I asked my friend  Brittany Bryant to create an illustration of the verse:


Praying we will all be moved to be generous instead of stressed this holiday season!


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