A few of my favorite Christmas things…


It’s Friday, I just feel like talking about some of my favorite things…

Waking up before everyone else in the house, plugging in the Christmas tree, and reading my bible. Did I mention, my fabulous blogging friend, Rebecca from 2heartsdesire.com gave me this amazing coloring illustrated bible? I’ve been reading from it in the quiet of the morning and then later in the day I read it to my girls and they color some in it for me.

There is just something calm and quieting about a Christmas tree. Since I was a little girl, I’ve felt this way.

It’s like I can feel the peace and calm of the very night Christ was born when I’m sitting in a quiet room with a shinning Christmas tree. 

Am I alone in this? Do you feel it too, friends? I’m sure it’s the nostalgia of the story of Christmas. I’m talking about the first Christmas. The reason we are sitting in a room with a tree indoors anyways.

Looking at the tree makes me ponder the story.

The manger.


The Holy Spirit.

The baby. The King.

The Lord of Lords, lying there, humble and beautiful and perfect. I seriously could go on and on. ( And I hope to send out some devotions during the next few weeks, so be on the lookout).

Another must- have for my early morning “Christmas Tree Devotions,” (as I’ve named them 🙂 is a Christmas song streaming in through my headphones. Here’s my number one favorite. You have GOT to give it a listen, friends!

>>>>>Last, of course is the big stack of Refocused Bible Study books on my shelf that I’ve started mailing and handing out. >>>>>>

Grab one for you and a friend, I promise, you will LOVE it!

Looking for an inspirational gift for any girl on your list? Refocused Bible Study pre-order has launched just in time to get the perfect gift! Act fast, they are on the way and   I EXPECT THE SHIPMENT TO SELL OUT! 🙂

Do you need to refocus on what’s most important for the road ahead? Refocused will help you remember who God is, who you are, and what he’s called you to focus on in this season.

This illustrated, coloring book bible study takes you on a visionary journey through scripture to remind you of your treasured identity in Christ.

Each day has a scripture reading, reflective questions, visionary planning with purpose, and a prayer prompt to engage you in as you color an illustration that brings the scripture to life.

*I’ll be leading this bible study starting New Year’s Eve on the FB page with weekday discussion questions and weekly teaching videos!*

There is an edition available for every woman in your life, and for every age!

*These are all beautiful paperback books, with coloring book illustrations for each day of study.
I will be leading women through this study at a powerful time of the year to Refocus – starting New Year’s Eve! The study is also suited to do in a small group, in person. The study lengths vary based on the edition:


Refocused: Fixing your eyes on Jesus for the road ahead: married with children edition

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This four week study will help you REFOCUS on:

God and Me




Refocused: Fixing your eyes on Jesus for the road ahead: married edition (perfect young couples without kids or empty nesters) 

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This three week study will help you REFOCUS on:

God and Me



Refocused: Fixing your eyes on Jesus for the road ahead: single mom edition

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This three week  study will help you refocus on:

God and Me





Refocused: Fixing your eyes on Jesus for the road ahead: single woman edition

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This short, six day, one week edition will help you purposefully pray over your dreams and make plans to look confidently ahead with your eyes fixed on Jesus.

I believe this book is truly a work of the Lord that will enrich your study of his word, give you hope, and help you  plan your near future.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments! ❤

Looking forward to REFOCUSING on his goodness together,

Amy ❤

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