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Hello friends, I hope you are feeling refreshed by focusing on what’s most important this Christmas season. It can be such a wonderful but stressful time. As my friend, Colleen puts it:

“Oh, the irony!

Somehow, the season that’s meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus has become an intense, draining time of to-do lists and worldly expectations.

Then, right on it’s heels is our traditional time of self-evaluation and goal setting.

(Maybe some of you are not on this bandwagon, but, if we’re honest, I think most of us are.)”

I asked Colleen to give an honest review of Refocused. I’d love for you to gain more insight on the study and to be encouraged here:

Source: UpGradual Book Review: Refocused Bible Study | UpGradual Blog

I pray this Christmas season proves to be peaceful for you as we focus on our long awaited Savior.

I hope you plan to join us New Year’s Eve as we Refocus on him for a brand new year!

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Amy ❤