#Refocused on Who God made me to be Day 3


Amy D Terry

My dishwasher broke on Christmas Eve. So lately my sink has looked a lot like this:

Who wants to come over for coffee?! What if you came over & I handed you one of those white mugs right out of the dirty sink? Would you use it?
No! You would wash it or grab a one out of the cabinet.

Yesterday we drew ourselves as the beautiful vessel God created us to be. He fills us with his Spirit in these fragile containers that we are, and we spill out on those closest to us, those beautiful containers on our “blessing table.”

But we are still sinners. And we always will be until he takes us home. The good news, is that we don’t have to go find an animal to slaughter on our behalf anymore like the people in the Old testament. Instead, we believe that’s what Jesus did…

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