ONENESS in Marriage 



“This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife and the two are united into ONE.” Genesis 2:24
Being united and staying united as ONE in marriage does not happen passively. This world pulls us in a million directions, but God’s Word pulls you into a progressively closer relationship with Him, and into a progressively closer relationship with your husband.
Today in our study guides, we were asked to pray over and write out  the “road to ONENESS” 

My husband and I have a morning rhythm that helps us have time with Jesus first AND a routine time together that creates ONENESS:
An undistracted cup of coffee with each other  in the morning.

A cup of coffee represents focused time together. Sitting down and leaving the computer and phone behind to converse with the most important person on this earth to me, my husband.

This is our road to oneness. Yours may look different, especially if you don’t drink coffee. But one thing will be the same:

Marital oneness grows with a mindset and heartset of making your husband priority of all your relationships on this earth. 

Our relationship with Jesus is in a league of its own. Way above all our earthly ones!!!

As we walk with Jesus, he will help us leave what needs to be left behind and will walk us down this road to greater oneness in our marriages.

Our coloring page in Refocused today: 

 Praying for all of you as we walk down this beautiful road to greater Oneness!


2 thoughts on “ ONENESS in Marriage 

  1. We do coffee time every Saturday with one another. He leaves way too early in the mornings during the week. We have breakfast together as a family and then send the kids down to the basement so we can reconnect over coffee. We’ve recently moved, so I think we will change our coffee chat to outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.


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