Getting Rid of the Clutter to see the Riches in our Homes


By wisdom a house is built,
    and by understanding it is established;
by knowledge the rooms are filled
    with all precious and pleasant riches.”

Proverbs 24:3-4

“I need to get more laundry baskets, and shelving for them to stay organized in the laundry room,” I told my friend over coffee one day.

I started there and I made this long list of things I needed to buy in order to get our house in order. Looking at the list, I got overwhelmed, realizing how much money and time we would need to buy and install all these systems for organization of all of our stuff.

After a few minutes of fretting, I did what I should have done all along.

I brought the Holy into Housework and asked the Lord what to do about this situation of our messy closets.

It sounds kind of silly, right? Like, I could have just gone to the closet and started chunking things. But this Jesus who died to give us relationship with Him actually loves for us to talk to Him about everything, even mundane chores and housekeeping. When my mind was reeling, thinking about how we really needed (LoL!) a larger home with one more bedroom and larger closets,

His wisdom whispered, calm down, daughter, I give you everything you need when you need it.

A few days later, my tune changed to this:

“We spent the day cleaning out our closet and now I don’t need baskets or shelves anymore!” 

LOL! Did you see that, friends? How the enemy had me anxious, feeling like we didn’t have enough, and the Lord whispered and showed me we were holding onto too much. All we needed to do was get rid of the things that weren’t precious and pleasant riches so we could better care for all the wonderful real precious and pleasant riches we already had (i.e. enough clothing to wear something different everyday of the week, which many people in the world would be honored to have).

Maybe you are like me, struggling to see how Wisdom Himself has already blessed your house richly with precious and pleasant riches, but you have too much junk to see and appreciate it.

Or maybe you really do have a need in your home right now. I can’t tell you how many times the Lord has blown my socks off by his timely provision after I have asked Him for what our family needed. Go to Him, and he will provide what you need.

Whatever the situation, He holds all knowledge to help you rid your house of unnecessary, life-snatching clutter and replace it with valuable, life-giving treasures. The Lord delights in helping us build and establish our homes, so I encourage you today, to:

1 Thank the Lord for the precious and pleasant treasures in your home

2 Think about how you can care for them today as an act of worship to Him, the Giver

3 If there are any needs, pray and ask Him to meet them (He may surprise you like He did me, and answer in an unexpected way, but TRUST He will answer!)

And remember, sisters, the most precious and pleasant treasure is Jesus himself, alive and present in our homes!

The last day of Refocused on Home is tomorrow, sweet friends! Praying you will finish strong as we look at two sisters and Jesus blessed as most important in homemaking.

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New Year Bible Challenge<<<<<<
I’ll be honest, I get sidetracked in life, how about you, friend? A few years ago, I was tired of spinning on a hamster wheel, feeling like I was making no progress in areas of my life. I prayed and God told me that this was not the way He desired for me to live. He showed me through His word that I AM His daughter, and that there is a better way. A refocused, narrower way.

We can ask God to make our vision clearer for our lives, more effective to know Him better and see Him more clearly right where we are. To have more peace and fulfillment in our relationship with Him, our marriages, our mothering, and our homes. He will flood those areas of our lives with new clarity and breath and life and beauty when we ask Him and meditate on His Word towards those areas in our lives.

His Word brings beauty to the most mundane parts of our lives! By the end of January, if you join us, you will be folding laundry, or reading to your children, or having a conversation with a friend, realizing you are standing on Holy Ground with Jesus, doing exactly what He created you to do, communing with Him and doing good work for His glory, right where He has placed you!

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Engage in God’s Word using the study or reading plan and prayer.

Then, comment on this blog, the FB page, or Instagram and answer the question I pose. If you don’t have time to say much, just say, “I did it!” And we will cheer you on!  Interact and be held accountable by myself and others to start this year out remembering WHO GOD IS, that YOU ARE HIS DAUGHTER, and the GOOD WORK HE HAS FOR YOU on the road ahead!

Praying for you!


16 thoughts on “Getting Rid of the Clutter to see the Riches in our Homes

  1. Oh so true!!! I have been one to hold on to things, just in case, and lately something in side me said, STOP, give it away or remove it from your house you don’t need it. If you do need something like it in the future then you can get it again. My husband is now the one asking me why are you throwing things out. umm because we don’t use it therefore don’t need it!!


  2. Such a great truth! I keep reminding my family that we need to declutter to give to those in need (thrift), and to take away our stress. Then, we will have more time and space for family and fun. Thanks for your good words.


  3. Such a great article. I know I am so much less stressed when I don’t have clutter surrounding me in my life. Makes a huge difference for sure. Some good advice here!

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  4. I LOVE the phrase “I brought the Holy into Housework and asked the Lord what to do about this situation of our messy closets”. Too often we (I) forget to bring God into every situation within our homes. Even things such as “messy closets”. Thanks for the reminder!

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  5. Great thoughts. I am in the midst of cleaning out my apartment and minimizing my possessions for a move this summer. Sometimes the enemy lies to me about how I feel about things and what I should keep. I wait a day or two on it, the truth always rings clear. Thank you for sharing!

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  6. I absolutely LOVE that you invited Jesus into your everyday, mundane! Furthermore, I believe that HE loves it! It’s so true that when we take the time to actually invite Him into our mess, He has a way of changing our perspective. We are indeed standing on holy ground- WHEREVER we are!
    Great post! Thanks for linking up at #destinationInspiration this week!

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