How to Have a Pep Rally in Your Prayer Closet


“On your feet now – applaud God!” Psalm 100:1 MSG

It’s day one of Simply Thankful 2018 here at Refocused Bible Study! I don’t know about you, but I need to focus on giving thanks to the Giver between now and Thanksgiving Day. I already feel a huge weight lifted after the first morning coming to Him with a heart of praise. He definitely gave me praise instead of heaviness today.

I will be using different versions of the bible, but this week, I will be sticking with the Message paraphrase because the Lord is leading me straight where my heart needed to go with it…to have a PEP RALLY IN MY PRAYER CLOSET.

Yeah, it sounds kinda wacky. But when you get a little mopey and start dragging around like Eeyore from Winne the Pooh, sometimes you just need to go there. I didn’t even intend to get that into it, but, the Lord just set it up for me that way.

I turned on some worship music (I’ll link below) and the first thing the leader said was, “let’s rise to our feet to posture our hearts correctly.

On your feet now.

So I did, and then once I started applauding God and thanking Him for the many things he has done, my hands could not quit clapping to Him.

applaud God.

As the minutes went on, JOY was welling up inside and I felt like I was back on the cheerleading squad in high school, spirit fingers and all.

He’s so good, yall. So worthy of all our applause and thankfulness. He wells up joy – pure joy from our hearts when we enter His courts with radiant thanksgiving.

Try it, sisters. In your car, your kitchen while you cook, the rocker as you put your baby to sleep, or your bathroom as you hide from the children. Thank Him. Clap to Him.

I can’t wait to share about what The Lord is showing me about the gift of laughter to God tomorrow.

You can download the plan here:

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