Dear Daughter, I’ll Take Care of You.

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Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are? Matthew 6:26

“Me and Grandma’s just sitting around together, going out in the sunshine, listening to the birds. We just have to trust the good Lord, he’s in control and He’ll take care of us.” Papa’s voice had a gentle trust only decades of walking with God can create.

He’s not scared. He’s steady.

Just think of all the things he’s lived through. All the intersections of faith he’s stood with Jesus at, choosing to keep holding his hand and walking along, not sure of all the details, but sure of the decisionto turn worry into trust. 
 I think the sound of his voice when he’s said, “Just listening to the birds,” said it ALL.

It said I know I’m a child of God, though he’s in his late eighties. 

It said, I know the nature of my Abba. I’ll sit still in this storm, taking in the beauty of nature He created. 

Should he be worried? 

Should we be worried? 

The President said this week we will see many deaths. It’s going to be a hard week for our nation.

Oh, the irony.
This is Holy week.
The week.
The week our Savior rode in to Jerusalem as honored King, knowing it would be the week of his death.

But in the face of death, Jesus’ trust in His Father did not falter.

He knew it had to be the week of death, to be the week of RESURRECTION.

This week, let your Father resurrect faith that’s been fallow.
Fallow: Inactive, nothing seems like it’s happening.

Join me in praying and asking Him now to help us really walk with Him as a dearly loved daughter this week. Let’s ask Him to help us die to our grown up, worrying selves, and live with a childlike faith, like my grandfather, all the way up to our eighties. What we are walking through with Him in this pandemic is going to give us the tone of trust our grandchildren will hear. 

This tone of trust can only come from walking with Our Heavenly Father as a child; for us, as a Dearly Loved Daughter. 

Turn worry into trust this week. 

Everytime your mind wanders to worry, 

Say OUT LOUD, I trust you, Father. 

The sooner we say it aloud, the sooner our tone will take on trust. The fallow faith in us will become fertile and fruit will grow where land has been barren. What a harvest this Easter week will bring, just by trusting our Father in the face of fear. 

The empty tomb gives us all the faith we need to say, I trust you, Father! 

Dear Daughter, 

Behold the birds this week. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face. As you do, tell me every worry, and I’ll help you trust me. 

Behold Jesus, my Beloved Son, this week. I gave Him because I Love You, Daughter. Walk like a Daughter with me this week. 

Your tone will be trust and your testimony will be timeless. 

Your Father.

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