3 Tips to have Consistent Times with God


Today I have some tips to help us be consistent in Bible study and prayer in 2021, no matter what crazy things are happening in this world !

“Commit your actions to the Lord and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

COMMIT- to carry out an action deliberately.

Let’s be deliberate about growing with the Lord this year.

There’s no better commitment you can make!

Here’s a checklist I put together to help us all start out on the right foot in bible study & prayer for the New Year:

_Prepared: I always set my Bible, journals, and pen out the night before. For me, part of this step includes having my coffee pot ready to hit the button in the morning!!!

_Time set: Think about your schedule & decide when you will do your study. I love getting up before everyone in the house to spend time with Jesus. But before bed may work better for you.

_Give yourself grace when these plans don’t make it to reality. One day this week I didn’t have time I’m the morning with the Lord, so I spent a few quiet minutes with Him right before dinner!

Not matter what, stay deliberate by committing to engage in God’s Word before you look at social media for the day.

Download the bible app on your phone.

Don’t look anything else until you read some of His Word. Look through the study & see what the few verses are for the day and click a pic of them to refer to throughout the day.

Consistent in prayer- Don’t call anyone on the phone until you’ve spoken to God yet. This is great for car time! Unless you have talkative babies in the backseat 🙂

These are just a few tips that have helped me stay focused on the Lord. Feel free to share any great ones you have. He is worth the focus!!!

My goal is always that you will be encouraged on this journey with Jesus! I hope you’ve been inspired to refocus on the Lord this week.

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