Preparing Places of Peace in our Homes: Refocused on Home Day 2


“And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.” John 14:3

The most important point of Jesus’s words here is the fact that He will be at this place. He has gone to PREPARE a place to commune with Him forever! What a privilege to mirror his example by creating and maintaining a place for ourselves and our families to fellowship with Jesus in our homes while he is preparing our eternal home! -Refocused Bible Study

Jesus is our Prince of Peace How can we prepare places of peace in our home? What areas in your home are causing chaos instead of calm?

For me, lately, it’s been our daughters’ room. Two girls sharing a bedroom means a lot of…clothes…pocketbooks, lonely socks, confetti…I could go on and on. Oh how thankful I am to write those words. Having girls is fun! Crafts and fashion shows are some of our favorite past times, but with all the crazy fun comes all the crazy mess.

Unfortunately, the girls enjoy the fun but not so much the cleaning! (They take after their mama, I confess.) So, in order to keep that room somewhat in order, I have to go through it about once a week. I am constantly going in there with a trash bag, filling it full of things to donate and throw away (because no one wants one lonely sock or earring). This rhythm of once a week “going through stuff” creates a stream of peace behind me.

What weekly rhythm can you put into place to create peace in your space?  

The peace that flows behind me are little girls who can go into their drawer and find two socks because the lonely ones aren’t in the way. It’s them feeling good about the shirt they put on, because it still fits and isn’t to small because I’ve gone through and taken out the ones that were getting too snug. It’s also them learning to take care of the things their Heavenly Father has blessed them with, and passing it all on to their little cousins and friends as soon as we are done with it, thinking of others and in turn being a blessing. Their little bedroom can reflect their Savior who loves them. They can lay down on the fluffy new mattresses and pull up their soft comforters and be told God provides all their needs so they can lay their heads down in peace. They can talk to Him in the quiet and know that their parents who lovingly created this space for them to dwell in gives just a glimpse of the love their Savior who has gone to prepare their eternal home has for them.

This mentality brings the Holy into Housework. God has given us a beautiful opportunity to reflect His goodness in our homes. Let’s seize it and praise Him all the way. What area of your home are you going to focus on this week?

New Here? I’m blogging through my Bible Study, “Refocused: Fixing your eyes in Jesus for the road ahead.” Resources: Download the study free HERE OR You can can buy the study here: Refocused Bible Study

Praying for you!


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