Today is April 1st, a new month and a new opportunity to have a fresh start, especially with spring greening up under our feet, reminding us God is still in the business of making all things new. In just over two weeks, the pinnacle day of our Christian faith, the day our Savior conquered death, will come and go. Between now and then, a group of women connected through this blog will be reading Mark, a book of the bible, a chapter a day, ending on Easter. It beautifully coincides with the timing of this special day, and we want you to join us!

Mark Reading Schedule

April 2nd – read Mark 1, April 3rd- read Mark 2, and so on- a chapter a day, and you will read the last chapter on Easter, April 17th! If you want to journal through it see below for a FREE print out!

Plan Options

I want to journal through it

Hello, fellow journaling friend! I love to journal too. I find power in recording what I hear the Holy Spirit speak to me. I also focus better if I am writing my prayers down on paper. Finally, if I write down one verse a day from my time with the Lord, it sticks better. I meditate (think on it, pray God will help me apply it) the rest of the day, and my time with God continues on after I close my bible.

Having a structure to your quiet time or bible reading time can be very helpful. I like to use acronyms to help me pattern my time with Jesus. Below is an option for this reading plan. As I am reading through the chapter, I pick a verse that really speaks to me. (Don’t get too caught up in this, just pick a verse!) I write that verse down.  Then, I study that verse, and write how I can apply that verse to my life right now. For this study, next we will “review” – write out the context ( the setting, what was happening, who said the verse, and maybe a little about the entire chapter). Last, I write out a prayer to close my time with God. If you so choose, you could  also pray out loud or stop writing at this point and pray quietly to the Lord. You could also write down a few prayer requests and then go to the Lord in prayer. The important thing is to PRAY TO END YOUR QUIET TIME! ❤

I just want to read

Go for it, girlfriend! I have some ideas to help you succeed in this very important endeavor over the next sixteen days. First of all, decide what time of day you will read the chapter. Next, decide how this will be a priority. What will you refuse to do until you have read the chapter for the day? This REALLY helps me make time one on one with God a priority. For example, you may decide you will not get on social media, watch Netflix, (basically any mindless time-sucker) until you have read your chapter. This really helps me! Let me know if it helps you, too! Sometimes quiet time isn’t so quiet, and you have to “just do it, ” (think Nike). DECIDE to  drop perfectionism and read the chapter on the bible app on your phone while you rock your baby. Decide to listen to the chapter on the app through your earbuds in the car rider line or while you are working out. Just do it! 🙂 Even though you are not writing it down, pick one verse to take with you throughout the rest of the day until your next reading session so you can think on it and let God continue to speak to you through it. (Yes, He still speaks to his people)!


Let’s link arms, ladies, and encourage one another on this short journey the next sixteen days. I want you to share your “My verse” with me. How can you do this? 

Here on the blog, in the comments. Yes, I will try to send an email everyday between now and then, so make sure you follow this blog.

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I just know we are going to see Jesus more beautiful than ever through this journey. I will be reading it with my children. This is a lot of scripture for them to digest at once (even at the ages of 11, 12, and 14) so I’ll be pressing into Jesus asking him to help me not stress over it and them falling in love with his Word the priority for them. ❤ I make it fun as possible. We are having special breakfast every morning and listening to the chapter through the Bible app together at the table each morning. Then each of us shares our favorite part of the story or favorite verse. Then we pray together. It can take as little as 7 minutes or the conversation can get deep and last 3 minutes. These are the best days!

That is my prayer for all of us, that we would fall more in love with Jesus and his Word as we journey with him this Easter season. 

Let me know you are joining us! I want to hear from you!

Invite your friends!!!

Here are some helpful links to a series I wrote on Back to the Basics of Bible Study if you want more inspiration and direction: 

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Share this post and invite others to join us! ❤


Comment below and tell me which plan option you chose!


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