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Bible Study & Prayer 101: Meet the Teacher

Summer is almost officially over. Ugh, as depressing as that sentence is for me to write, I am pressing forward and getting excited about pumpkin spice lattes and scarves and school.  I've always been a teacher: first to stuffed animals, then real human children, and now to my own human children as a homeschool mom.… Continue reading Bible Study & Prayer 101: Meet the Teacher

Bible Study

Summer Study &  Book Club Ideas

Hello lovelies! I hope your summer has been the perfect mix of restful and adventurous thus far. How's your soaking in of God's Word been lately? I'll tell you how mine's been. At the start of the summer, some ladies from my home church decided to have a casual bible study in the book of… Continue reading Summer Study &  Book Club Ideas

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ALIVE! A Bible Study Method

Happy first day of March!  Spring is on its way and new LIFE is soon to be seen springing up all around us.  I love how God gives us this reminder every year that he makes all things new.  Things that were dead will be coming back to life, just like Life Himself did! God's… Continue reading ALIVE! A Bible Study Method