ALIVE! A Bible Study Method

Bible Study, John

Happy first day of March!  Spring is on its way and new LIFE is soon to be seen springing up all around us.  I love how God gives us this reminder every year that he makes all things new.  Things that were dead will be coming back to life, just like Life Himself did!

God’s word gives us the opportunity to experience hope of new life every singe day.  Old, dead or hopeless situations in our lives can blossom when truth is breathed on them.  This is my prayer for everyone taking part in this bible reading and study plan for March!  Today we embark on a life giving journey through the book of John, using a simple pattern to read a chapter a day and write out and apply one verse from that chapter a day using the method in the video below.  If you missed the plan and journal, you can find them here:

The video below walks you through the Alive bible study method:


Here is my #Write It Out verse for today:


Here is my ALIVE! Journal page for today:

 I pray you stay connected to the Source of Life and Light today as we start this new month and look forward to Easter!

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