Love Letters From God~How Long~Day 1


“If we have a greater understanding of how much God loves us, we are going to have a greater and greater love for him in return.  It is a natural response, an authentic movement of a heart to endear someone whom they know genuinely endears them.”  

These words flowed from a place in my heart God had been stirring for a while.  I just wanted to love Him more.  I just wanted my family to love him more and more everyday.  Then Jesus dawned it on me:  “They need to understand more and more how much I love them Amy, and then they will love me more and more.  Then you will love me more and more.”

So that became my starting prayer.  That is the pinnacle of this study.  That is the goal of my life.  My determined purpose.  To know Him, to know His love more and more everyday, and for those around me to know it.  It changes everything.

This ever increasing knowledge of His love especially changes your love for Him.  You can’t help but love Him more as you greater understand this love that is so great, it is IMMEASURABLE.  It’s lengths cannot be measured.  But it can be contrasted.  It can be studied according to His Word.

Today we studying the greatest commandment, because the word “greatest” here is very closely related to the word “long” in our theme verse.

Our love letter From God:


Our love Letter to God:



 Keep sitting at his feet while you are studying the dimensions of His love.  Your heart, soul, and mind will authentically grow in love for your sweet Jesus.

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