Love Letters From God ~ How Long ~ Day 2


Today I have no pretty pictures of my ill attempts at cool calligraphy.

The Lord’s goodness overwhelmed me this morning and all I could do was use my plain blue pen and scribble through tears.  It was the best day of this study for me yet.  I woke up early enough to get my study done and post a blog before my kids woke up.  My eyes were burning as I looked at the computer screen.  I heard him calling me back to bed.

“Go rest my child.”

I didn’t listen.

So He sent my child out looking for  her mommy to snuggle her. I just love how he gives second chances, don’t you?!

So  then,  I listened.  As I laid there, I was overwhelmed as I  thanked the Lord for one of my most precious gifts lying in my arms.  The days are fleeting, and soon she won’t be coming to get me to snuggle.

Overwhelmed with thankfulness at this precious, fleeting gift of motherhood, I heard the Lord say,


“I love you so much, that not only do I lavish you with every good and perfect gift, but I take great delight in watching you thank me and enjoy the gifts I give you.”  

The verse I wrote out in scribble as my Love Letter From God today:

James 1:17

‘Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows”


As I wrote out and received this letter of love from the Holy Spirit, I could not get over the fact that my Father gave me his ONLY SON so I could have the hope of heaven.  He could have stopped there!  Why didn’t he just stop there?  He is so so good he decided to bless me and you with all these gifts everyday because he is just that GOOD.  He loves us so so much that he cannot wait to give us more and more good gifts.   What blows my mind from there is that he wants to fellowship with us as we enjoy them.

It’s like when we give our kids Christmas presents.  We know how much joy they are going to have and we cannot wait for them to open it up!  It is thrilling to see their excitement.  But the best part is the time we spend with them, playing  with whatever new toy or gadget we have given them.  Then they turn to us and thank us genuinely, and our hearts melt.  This is a glimpse of our heavenly Father’s love for us!

Take the time today to Thank Him for all these gifts.  Be aware of his loving presence, with you, enjoying your enjoyment of his good and perfect gifts.

Walk in His love today.

Experience the dimensions of God’s Love!

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