Fear not.


To overcome fear, we have to put our faith in God.” -Sam Terry 9 years old

Fear draws us closer to God, if… we respond rightly.

How do we put our faith in God and become successful in facing fear in the face?

>>> We look straight past the fear into the face of our Risen and very Alive Savior who has conquered death and hell. We see His eyes of fire burning fiercely with love for us and we tell our fear to go to hell where it belongs with Satan. (forgive my bluntness) – But I truly believe we have to have this resolve and much for The Kingdom is at stake when we are paralyzed by fear.

It’s hard because we can’t see Jesus with our eyes, but sometimes we can see fear. We see bills mounting up and check balances dwindling. We see a doctor’s mouth moving when there’s disease found. We see children in poverty starving.

We may not be able to visually see Jesus, but we can hear Him through Holy Spirit and His Word. We hear Him speak “fear not” over us, as he spoke the same words to John in the passage below.

In Revelation chapter 1, John saw Jesus in his vision. He “fell at his feet as though he was dead”

But Jesus “laid his right hand on me and said, “FEAR NOT, I am the first and the last, the Living One, I died and behold, I am alive forevermore.” Revelation 1:17-18

“Every time you are afraid, just remember you have a chance to do something good” – Understanding God, chapter 4

Here is our opportunity to trust the voice of God in our lives.

Power Question: Do we believe Jesus is worthy to be trusted over our fear?

Do we believe He is the One who died and rose because He loves us so much? That He is putting His right hand on us and saying FEAR NOT?

Lean in and listen to His proclamations of who He is the next time you fear. Overcome fear by feeling His hand on you and hearing His voice roar power and love over you!

One thought on “Fear not.

  1. I love the design on this simple and often overlooked message. I was drawn here by John 4:18 and a desire to spread the message: Fear Not. I have an idea that may interest you, please reach out if you feel that this is in good faith.


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