“Church: a crucial thing to do or is it?” – Chapter 5 Understanding God”

We have reduced our church in America to a thing we do instead of being the Body of Christ. If we look at the first generation church after Jesus returned to the Father, the church had no programs (until they organized a way to care for widows). They gathered and their focus was to worship and pray together, seeking the Lord together. The Holy Spirit led them.

Today, you can go and participate in church programs and not know Jesus at all. Your involvement in Christ’s body should be an extension of your relationship with Him, not the primary source. The primary source is Holy Spirit living in you and moving through you to build the church in love.

Don’t get stuck in religion because of church programs. Instead, stay soft to Holy Spirit and let Him move through you. Be the church.

As Sam says, “Yes, go to church. But your relationship with God is what really matters. Church is good. Your relationship with God is great.”

A last thought: I love church. My local church, and the global church. The church is the light of the world.

Suggested reading: Letters to the Church, by Francis Chan

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