Can I Really Change?

"Yes!  I do have that many emails.  You read correctly-- 6,149."  My blood starting boiling about the same temperature as the steaming iron I was holding in my hand. My husband was grinning and picking on me in a light hearted way, but inside I was feeling heavier than light hearted.  I was feeling like… Continue reading Can I Really Change?

Bible Study · John

ALIVE! A Bible Study Method

Happy first day of March!  Spring is on its way and new LIFE is soon to be seen springing up all around us.  I love how God gives us this reminder every year that he makes all things new.  Things that were dead will be coming back to life, just like Life Himself did! God's… Continue reading ALIVE! A Bible Study Method

Easter · John


I don't know about you, but I want Easter to be MEANINGFUL this year.  I want to spend these next few weeks leading up to the most pinnacle point in my faith preparing  my heart. There is no one else who has ever died for me.  There is no one else who has ever come… Continue reading ALIVE!~BOOK OF JOHN JOURNEY for March!